project detail

Lighting always plays an important role in retail spaces, and this is never more true than in the higher end of any market.

In the case of BMW Gonitzer in Wolfsberg, Germany, it was very important to the client that the lighting matched the brand’s philosophies and standards.

As well as allowing for flexibility within the space, the lighting needed to focus on the motor vehicles and merchandise, while still maintaining BMW’s aesthetic sophistication.

The DLS Kent spotlights mounted on 3 circuit track were chosen to carry out most of the lighting duties. High light levels thanks to the Kent’s high quality LED components and professional reflectors, combined with 90+ colour rendering, ensures that the vehicles are not only highly visible, but their exquisite beauty is enhanced regardless of their particular colour.

Complementing the Kent spotlights are the Frame 100 downlights. With similar technical features to the Kent, the Frames provide a seamless transition from track lighting to downlights throughout different areas.