project detail

Located in Maria Worth, Austria “Haus Am See” is where holiday makers go to rest and unwind in luxury surroundings.

The exterior lighting strategy for such a project needed to be aesthetically stunning, high performing, robust and reliable.

Beautifully textured feature walls leading up to the main building and at the entry, are highlighted by the Atlantis 95 spotlights. The Atlantis was chosen, in part, due to its compact size and aesthetically pleasing machined aluminium body. While the physical presence of the luminaires enhances the overall look of the project, the warm glowing pools of light splashed up the vertical surfaces creates a magical atmosphere for anyone lucky enough to visit.

While the Atlantis spotlights take care of the building’s vertical surfaces, the driveway and walking paths are illuminated by the Stanley 1 bollards. Resting in simplistic crushed rock garden beds, the clean, simple design of these low glare guiding lights creates an interesting contrast to the jagged rocks behind.

When guests reach the Porte Cochere, they’re bathed in a subtle, yet warm light, provided by the Bali surface mounted downlights. The black smooth tubes of the Bali’s body are juxtaposed with the rough concrete soffit above, and help to create a relaxed and safe welcoming experience for guests.