project detail

The Creativity Centre is the newest and largest development seen to date at Mentone Grammar School.

The amazing state of the art facility houses the schools visual and performing arts programs, as well as the programs for food and material technology.

The beautifully thought out space features a 450 seat theatre, specially designed class rooms, art studios for painting, drawing, sculpture and digital photography, dedicated food, materials technology, robotics and 3D labs, plus dance and recording studios, and passive and active learning zones. It is a truly inspired teaching and learning environment for the schools staff and students.

In such a dynamic learning space it was important to ensure the lighting was both practical and only enhanced the area. Studios and classrooms are illuminated with volumes of high quality light provided by our Premium profiles, in both recessed and surface mounted variations. The same profile was also suspended throughout the spectacular theatre.

Weaving its way through the middle of the building is a glowing cloud like skylight that creates a light and airy feel throughout the entire building.

Providing light to this skylight is our high CRI linear LED housed in a custom extrusion and lens.

Our down lights have also been used throughout amenity areas and the back of house, supporting an overall amazing project.

Designed by Kneeler Design

Photography by Stephanie Rooney