project detail

Engineering firm Micado, helps organisations create industry leading technlology and pride themselves on their world class market position and facilities.

With no compromise to aesthetic design, Micado’s own head office had to be of the highest quality. Although incredibly professional, the feeling within the office space was calming, sophisticated and inviting.

For general lighting duties, the No Frame 150 and 150 Duo downlights were chosen for their high technical performance and classic design.

The breakout space provided scope to use fittings with more presence, but a high quality of light was still required. In these areas, the surface mounted Bali downlights were used. These help the lighting to create an additional layer within the space, but are simple enough to suit almost any décor.

Moving into the wet areas, the Atlantis IP rated spotlights were chosen. Although highly sealed and suitable for all but the harshest environments, these fittings are refined and delicate enough to suit interior environments.

The exterior of the building provided many opportunities to create beautiful lighting effects such as uplighting trees and features of the building. In these instances, the Atlantis spotlights were used again which look fantastic at night, and during the day.