project detail

Residential projects are a great opportunity to create truly special spaces. Spaces that are comfortable and practical, yet creative and artistic.

Most importantly however, they should reflect the values, attitudes and personalities of their owners.

At Lux FX we take great joy in helping clients create these beautiful homes.

Some residential projects have vibrant colours splashed through their internals while others, like the private residence we have here, are a little more restrained.

Thankfully, this stunning home is blessed with plenty of natural daylight, allowing the main living spaces and kitchen to be lit with the very practical Frame downlights, and the classic looking Light Box soft surface mounted downlights. The living spaces also have the clean and stylish Ginger wall lights to provide a more relaxed lighting option.

In the areas such as corridors and stairwells which are situated away from windows, the Hang On and Secret wall lights have been used. Using wall lights in these areas helps to illuminate the vertical surfaces creating a fuller lighting effect.

The bathrooms have a combination of Frame downlights and the Supreme linear wall mounted luminaire. This is a stunning feature in the bathroom which provides a lovely, even light for people using the vanity. The Supreme is IP rated for added piece of mind.

The exterior lighting has been kept to a minimum with clean and simple wall lights and bollards. The Secret and Secret Down take care of the façade while the Flat Box provides a subtle effect in the driveway. The Stanley 1 Bollard’s asymmetric distribution is used to beautiful effect along the pathway to the side door.