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Premium Recessed

61W x 75H

Location: Interior
Light source: Linear LED light engine
Mounting type: Recessed
Control gear: Integral
Dimensions: 61W x 75H


Designed in-house and extruded in Australia, our Performance range is highly efficient and flexible. Great care has been taken to ensure our luminaires run as efficiently as possible. Our Performance range is covered by a 5 year warranty as a testament to our quality engineering.

Through our oversized heatsinks, excess heat is transferred away from our LEDs and into the aluminium body. Our class leading PMMA diffusers provide the highest level of efficiency while still providing a completely consistent appearance.

Lux FX light engines are carefully selected and sourced through one of the world’s market leaders. With this technology we have the flexibility to ensure maximum light output and quality, whilst consuming the minimum amount of energy.