project detail

The City of Stonnington council building is a redeveloped three level office building situated in East Malvern, approximately ten kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

Built in the 1980’s and recently refurbished to accommodate 250 staff, this large building features a central glass atrium, providing natural daylight to the centre of the office, as well as greater air quality through a three level green wall that climbs its way through the interior of the building.

Visitors to the council are meet in the interactive customer service area, setting the tone for the rest of the building with it’s light, airy and fresh feel. Custom made light boxes have been integrated into the ceiling structure and illuminated by our own LED, which provide large, glare free light sources and give the feeling of skylights opening up to the world. This sense of life outside continues as you move through to the open stairwell ascending to the levels above, flanked by the atrium and green wall.

With open space above the stairs, the difficulty of providing sufficient light to the stair treads was overcome by using the Abbey 18 LED profile, mounted on the underside of each tread. This was a successful way to enhance the feel of the space, and ensure the appropriate lighting levels were met.

The light open feeling continues as you move through the meeting and working spaces on the first and second levels. Lux FX worked with the designers to integrate our Professional LED profile into the T Bar plaster ceiling, which allowed the luminaires to recess up to the ceiling line via custom end caps and fixings.

Various design features throughout the project have been highlighted using our Design range LED profiles. Our Soho 180 R surface mounted extrusion was carefully positioned adjacent to the bathroom vanity mirrors to provide the all important bathroom lighting.

Clever design and lighting selections have resulted in an inviting and vibrant working environment that reflects the council’s vision and direction.